Does My Man Love Me?

All women in a relationship or in love sometime in their lives wonder if their man really loves them. Especially now that it is spring time and just as nature intended it this season of the year emotions are at their highest. Men are very mysterious and most of the time do not really show their emotions or talk about emotional aspects very much, but just remember just as difficult as it is for a woman to understand a man’s feelings, the men feel exactly the same about us.

In most relationships a woman can feel deep inside of her soul that a man really loves her, but love because it is an emotion also has the ability to cloud your judgement. Sometimes we as women stare ourselves blindly into the mistakes or quirky habits that our men have and take this as a sign that he does not love us, or even the things we wished he’d do and also think that the less he does for us the less he loves us, which is not true at all.

Men have their own ways of showing love to their women, just as women love to shower their man with hugs and kisses and words of love to show their love. Here are a few ways that you can be sure that your man truly loves you and that he is not just wasting your precious time.

When a man accepts you for who you really are all your flaws and mistakes and he is not trying to change your personality even in the subtlest of ways, then he loves you for who you are and not who he would like to change you into. If he has seen you at your best and worst, and he is still sticking around, then he truly does love you. Remember there are compromises to be made in any relationship for you to take each other into consideration, so there will be small changes, but he must never try and change you personally.

When anyone not just a man really loves you or cares for you they will treat you as a priority and not an option. A real man will include his woman into every aspect of his life and will make time to check up on her and spend time with her no matter what. You deserve to be first in his life and his most important priority, he needs to include you in decision making and important life choices, and then you know you have a true and steady relationship and a future with this man.

A man must always include you in his social groups and treat you with respect in front of his friends. He should also include you in family gatherings and make you a part of his family. You and your man are a team and he should have no reservations in proclaiming that to the world.

When a man includes you in his talks about his plans for the future then you know you are important to him and not just temporary. If you can build on plans and dreams together then you have a good relationship that will last. Also he should take you to events that show you are part of his life, present and future such as his company events, weddings etc. if he talks about marriage and having children then you definitely know that he is really serious about you.

A man is a macho creature but when his love for you turns him into an affectionate cuddling softie, then you know for sure you have him for good.

A man should also be willing to do things with you that you like, watch your favorite movie or go shopping with you, small gestures of love like buying flours or taking care of you when you are sick also shows how true his love is.

A man should genuinely care about you and ask about you well being, he must also make you feel appreciated and love, if you feel neglected and that you are the only one in the relationship making and effort and compromising then you should start questioning if your man loves you or if he is just using you.

A loving man will go out of his way to fix and issue in your relationship rather than just blame you or leave coldly.

Look at a man’s actions, men that love their women do acts of service and kindness for them without complaining about it or using it as leverage. A man that loves his woman will want to do anything and everything for her without her even having to ask most of the time.

You can also see in someone’s eyes how they feel about you, their eyes should light up when you are around them, and he should look at you intensely and lovingly.

A man that loves his woman touches her, hugs her and kisses her, even in public; he should show his affection with physical touch as well as actions.

In the end you must savoir and use all the knowledge given to you and not waste your time and tears on someone that you are hoping will change or will love you truly. If the love is not reciprocated and if the love hurts then it is not love at all. Men are puzzling creatures but there are many small signs that you can look for to assure you of their love, just open your eyes and do not be blinded by lies and deceit just because you are so much in love.

Keep your eyes open and your heart calm, in all honestly deep inside you should be able to feel if your man really loves you, you should feel loved, cared for and adored, you should feel special and important.

Love is consistent, kind, patient and giving, love does not hold grudges, is not cruel and jealous, love is pure and honest; love does not lie or deceive. Love is everlasting and a safe haven to all those hearts is true.

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