How Can I Know What Men Are Thinking

You don’t need years of experience to get inside a man’s mind, all you need to know is that a guy’s mind is very similar to a woman’s mind. While most women look for personality, most men look at appearance but their emotions run the same as a woman’s does. So how do you read men? Here are some tips and truths as to how to read a man’s emotions, body language and tone of voice to understand what he’s saying without him saying it.

Men are very open about their favorite sports. They’ll usually have decals, memorabilia, and jersey’s to show their unwavering support for their team. They listen to ESPN radio, watch ESPN all day (or most of the day), they check stats, read about their teams and will even watch teams that they aren’t that into to just watch a game. Men who watch professional sports such as MLB, FIFA, NHL and NFL tend to be more competitive in all points of their life. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t sensitive, it just means that they will fight for what they want and beat out anyone in their way. Which can be a good thing in terms of work ethic, it’s a competitive world nowadays.

Men who tend to have road rage are men who may not be able to control their aggression. Their aggressiveness may be great for the boardroom but very challenging in a relationship, that’s if it eventually seeps into the relationship. That aggression can lead to hostile conversations, living environments and cause unwarranted tension and frustration in the relationship. I’m known to have extreme road rage but I don’t see myself taking that into my relationship, so there are always exceptions.

Men’s choice in television shows can also say a lot about them. If they tend to like crime shows, like are more likely to be problem solvers, if they like sitcoms, they are probably not as serious when it comes to serious conversations. I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly concrete because people can like a variety of shows without it correlating to what their personality is, so this is always something to loosely read into. I personally like crime shows, but if I’m in a mood to laugh I’ll watch comedy shows. It can all depend on moods and how people want to let loose after a long day of work or school.

This is my favorite one, because I know men who complain about how long girls take to do their hair, and how much product they use, but men can be just as bad. We all know that men who are balding are more serious and self-conscious about their hair and their ego, which is why young men with long hair seem to be more confident while older men with blading tend to be less confident. There are always exceptions to these “rules”, I have seen and met many men who have blading and are very confident in themselves, while those with long hair seem to be very insecure.

Birth order is a very easy way to read men as well. As a middle child, I know that middle children need a lot of attention because they are often forgotten, ignored and the peacemakers. Older children are the responsible ones while the youngest is usually rebellious because they are used to getting away with more. Though there are exceptions it doesn’t hurt to see what his birth order is to see what kind of person you’re getting involved with. I tend to get on better with middle children or the youngest children because I want to take care of them.

Women often worry about why men don’t approach them in social settings. Much like women, men fear rejection and public rejection isn’t any better. Men can be just as intimidated of us as we are them. No one likes striking out nor striking out in front of others. Though there are some men who get a kick out of heckling woman in public, only to be shut down, men who are seriously looking to gain your attention will come over when they see the signs. So if you’re sending signs to a guy, you can try making the first move. Men like confident women!

Have you ever read the book or seen that movie, “He’s just not that into you?” Well, this applies when it comes to returning phone calls after a date. If a guy isn’t into you, he won’t bother wasting your time by calling you back and getting your hopes up. That doesn’t mean it’s always the case. We are human, we forget, we get so busy and we don’t even think to send a follow up text or phone call until a day or two later. Do not chase and become desperate, if it’s meant to be then they’ll take the time to reach out to you. I wouldn’t say dump him if he didn’t call in two days, but I would follow up after 2 days and if I haven’t heard anything back, I’d move on. Don’t waste your time, girl!

Men can be easily read by who they associate themselves with, just like women can. We tend to associate ourselves with people who are like us. So, if his friends are loud, mean and slobs, there is a chance that he will be like that. But like the phrase “not all men”, not all guys are exactly like their friends. I have a solid group of girl friends who are similar to me but we have our own defining attributes that we bring to the table that allows us to be a solid group. That goes for men as well. That being said, their friend’s approval of you is very important because his friends will be there before and after you. Not a lot of men throw away years of friendship for a woman they barley know.

Now, you can take what I’ve said with a grain of salt or use it as a bible but the best way to read a man is to go talk to him. You’ll never find anything out if you’re too busy trying to read his body language and mannerisms. Take the leap, put yourself out there and get what you want!

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