Signs He Likes You

Signs he likes you

Having a crush on someone is a thrilling, and yet sometimes frustrating, experience. If you have your eye on a particular guy, you probably want desperately to know what is going on in that head (and heart) of his. Does he feel attracted to you? Does he think you are interesting?

Are you a love match? It is impossible to know the thoughts of another person – unless you know how to read their behavior, that is. So, if you are doubt and you always ask yourself whether he is interested in you or not, then you need some clues for him to make you sure.

There are several signs to find out if a guy likes you. Read on to find out what these signs are and you can tell whether a guy likes you or not.

 He tries to get a reaction out of you.

 If you are on speaking terms with the man you like (such as if he is a co-worker), take it as a sign that he likes you if he is constantly trying to get a reaction out of you. This is taking verbal jabs, kidding with you, or complimenting you. Anything he does to get you express some emotion toward him is a sign of this kind of behavior.hearts-37308_1280

He kids and lightly makes fun of you.

 One of the common tactics men use to show indirectly is making fun of a lady they like. While this sounds like something straight out of the third grade, it is a behavior that typically extends well into adulthood. This type of indirect sign of affection is common with men who are not yet at that stage of relationship with the woman they like.

 He makes it a point to be near you at often as possible.

 Physical attraction between man and woman is an animal and very physical. At its highest basic level, attraction depends on the human requirement for reproduction. Nature dictates we can reproduce with those we are physically close.

If the guy you have a crush on makes it a point to be around you as often as possible, this is a sure sign he likes you. It doesn’t matter exactly what he is doing when he is near you, by the way: even if he is not paying any direct attention to you, if he is nearby often, count this as a sign that he has a crush on you.

He gives you big smiles with a glint in his eye.

 If the object of your desire tends to smile big whenever he looks at or talks to you, that is a huge sign that he likes you. Of course, we all know those super-rare men who tend to smile a lot at everyone they meet. But, even with that rare, really affable guy, you should be able to detect a certain extra glint or glimmer in his eye that shows that he harbors feelings for you.

 He tries to make you laugh or impress you.

 A guy in love is a guy who plays the fool from time to time. If you notice the guy, you like telling silly jokes around you or practically falling all over himself to make you laugh, take that as a strong sign that he has got a thing for you. While most men played it cool and reserved most of the time, a man who acts just a little silly or extra humorous around a particular woman is saying to her that he holds a flame for her.

 He often touches you innocently

 excursion-1477104_1920Attraction and affection go hand-in-hand, attraction is expressed through touching. This act of touching is a proxy, or substitute, of lovemaking act. Light touches on the back, shoulder, hair, or hands – even if they seem accidental – are excellent indicators that romantic feelings are present.

 You catch him staring at you when he thinks you are not looking.

 Like it or not, men think about sex, like all the time. The experts tell us that it is something like 5 – 7 times per minute, on average. But whatever the actual frequency may be, trust me when I say that it is high. Does this mean that your guy only wants you (or other women) for your body? No! It’s just a biology this, so best accept it and move on. Now, on to Sign #3: if you find that your man is regularly sneaking a peek to your body when he thinks you are looking the other way, he very likely has thing for you.

 He compliments you on your clothes or hair.

 Does the guy with whom you have a crush ever make comments about your hair, your make-up, a piece of jewelry, or your clothing? Don’t assume that he is composing an article for the upcoming fashion magazine! The truth is, most men do not care a lick about fashion. If he is commenting about these things to you, then it is because he thinks they look great on you, In other words, YOU are the object of his affection – not your clothes, etc.!

 He talks to you about what matters to him.

 If you are someone who likes to observe small talk, you will see that it is pretty impersonal. For example, while the question, “How are you?” may sound personal, we all know at some level that this is just another way of saying hello. Strangers do it all the time. So, if the guy you like sometimes opens up to you about his dreams and plans for the future, or talks about what he likes and dislikes, you will have a good indicator of his feelings for you.

 He tries to get in good with your friends or family.

 If you are already an acquaintance of the guy you like, take note of whether he has tried to get to know your friends or family. A man who has a crush on a woman will want to try to find out everything he can about her. Indications that he is interested in getting to know the people you know are indications he likes you.

 Notices slight changes on you.

 The last method of helping you figure out how to tell if a guy likes you is that he will notice small changes in you and make an effort to talk to you about them. For example, if you did your hair up a different way or bought a pair of new shoes he will bring this up in conversation in hopes of generating interest by complimenting you on it.

Every woman is anxious and tensed to know the signs if the man she loves is having the same thinking and feelings liking her. It is the greatest unanswered question bugging her mind waiting to be answered, and she will find all ways and means to find that answer.

Ultimately, the only way to cure your disease is to get him to ask you out or to do the asking yourself. If the guy you like has given you any of the signs of a crush that I mention here, you should make a move while the flame of attraction is still there. With the right moves, the flame could turn into a full-blown fire.

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