20 Facts about Guys That Can Help You Read His Mind

Ladies, it takes a lot to understanding guys. It takes a long time and more than a few dates to figure out what makes a guy tick. When it comes to guys and girls they may think similarly on some things but on some subjects, there are huge differences. The old saying of women are from Venus and men are from Mars is a classic illustration of how far guys and girls can be.

So, if you are in a hurry and do not have months or years of dating to figure all this out, read on and these facts will be all you need to know.

#1 – Guys will immediately feel uncomfortable and on edge when you give another guy attention in front of them. If you want your boyfriend to feel like he’s the only man on your mind try clinging to him instead. Doing the sin front of other guys will make your boyfriend feel like the luckiest man in the room.

#2 Physical appearance may be the first thing a guy notices about a girl. Do not think however that this is limited to your body, far from it. He may be drawn to your smile, the way you flick your hair or how you gaze his direction longingly from the room. Men are drawn to style and the hidden beauty of girls.

#3 Despite the common perception most guys do not like expressing their feelings, they really do like letting you know what they are feeling. They are not wired to start deep conversations, but that certainly does not mean that they do not like talking about what is on their mind. Be careful not to ask too many questions as this will make him feel trapped. Play your cards right and he will open up to you.

#4 Most guys have a dream to be fonded over by multiple girls at once. There probably is not a guy out there that has not thought about being the lone guy on a beach full of bikini clad ladies at least once or twice. Simply put it is how they are wired. They love women and they really thrive on attention.

#5 Guys like to hear positive statements on things they do. They don’t often hear compliments from their friends. Instead, they usually face an onslaught of slights and jabs. When they hear a compliment from their significant other, they’ll never forget it!

#6 More reality than a running joke, guys do not like asking for or recieving help in any situation.They have an inherent belief that they can handle anything, anyone or any situation that comes their way.

#7 Guys really do care for their significant others even if they do not express it out loud. Men simply are not good at vocalizing their feelings. Guys instead tend to be more capable of showing you they love you through the things they do rather than words.

#8 Guys are extremely competitive and simply put absolutely hate to lose whether it be in sports or love. Guys are wired to be at the top of the food chain since way back to the cave man. Be number one is simply an inherited trait.

#9 When a guy commits to something he is going to follow through. Commitments are a pretty serious thing for a guy. What you may interpret as a fear to commit just means that the guy is simply considering the situation before making a rash decision.
#10 Guys tend to look elsewhere and stray away from you to another girl when their emotional needs aren’t met by their current girlfriend repeatedly over an extended period of time. Guys expect tradeoffs in relationships, and when you are not holding up your end of the bargain, he will find an equitable relationship elsewhere.

#11 Guys have an uncanny ability not to hear you when you want something. Surprise! They simply act as if they cannot hear you while appearing to be busy with a project or playing. This is their cover for getting out of tasks their do not care to do.

#12 Guys are wired for success, thus they tend to think they are good at everything. Guys don’t want to hear that they’re not successful or good at a given task, particularly if it’s a guy thing like building something or sports.

#13 A significant number of guys think they are invincible. They believe any illness or injury can be overcome by sheer willpower. Trips to see a doctor are rare the doctor because they consider it a sign of weakness.

#14 Guys totally miss the concept of girls who say one thing but mean another. To a guy, if you have something to say, say what you mean. In other words, if you have a point to make, get straight to it.

#15 Men want one important thing in relationships and that is respect. Show your guy some level of respect, and he’ll love you more.

#16 Though you may think it is cute and sly to manipulate a guy, don’t. Manipulating men may be easy however guys can’t stand it when you attempt to manipulate them into anything. In other words look at #15 again.

#17 There is nothing guys love more than being the hero. When they encounter a damsel in distress certain natural “reflexes” kick in and they just have to help. The is not a guy who doesn’t love the damsel in distress. This is how guys are made; they want to protect and be the damsel’s knight in shining armor. Take advantage of this ladies.

#18 Men are tribal and will stick up for each other to the very bitter end. If you question your boyfriend’s pals about whether he is cheating on you, they are going to lie for him. Their friendship is more important to them than your feelings.

#19 The old adage is true. The most effective path way to a man’s heart truly is by filling his stomach. Any smart girl will learn to cook and she will learn how to become a great cook. Teach a man how to fish, and he can survive provide him a cooked meal, and he’ll be yours forever.

#20 Despite their thought exterior and their often appearance of emotional callousness, guys are emotionally vulnerable. Probably more so than girls. Heartbreaks play a profound effect on guys more than the girl.

So there you have it. 20 ways to read a man’s mind. Learning these 20 tips will help you decipher the guys in your relationships. If you take advantage of putting these into practice, they will like you even more than they do now.

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